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Blogging Benefits for Business to Business Marketing


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If you are yet to join the bandwagon, read on and find out the many benefits that it has been giving to most of today’s online entrepreneurs.

How Blogging Benefits your Business to Business Marketing

1.    Add value. Blog posts that provide how-to info or insightful opinions regarding your industry will serve your audience, take you away from merely selling, and create goodwill for your brand and company.

2.    Create credibility. When your posts are well-researched, well-written, and informative, you should get good credibility from your customers as well as the industry that you are in.

3.    Increase “shareability”. By blogging in social media platforms, you are giving your customers to comment and share your info with other members, thus, expanding your reach.

4.    Fresh and dynamic content. Search engines will rank websites according to how current its content is so frequent blogging ensures good rankings.

5.    More engaging. With blogs, entrepreneurs who use business to business marketing are able to create intimate relationship with their customers.

6.    Thought leader. Because you have to constantly write blogs, you will know the trending topics and get a feel with the latest on business to business marketing.

7.    Reach target audience. Your blog is one of the best ways to immediately respond to issues concerning your as well as that of your competitor’s products. In only a matter of minutes, you are already able to publish statements and immediately get it broadcasted to social media to reach your target audience.

8.    Market research. Never will have to pay for focus groups for market research. With the use of blogging and social media, you can already get opinions and feedback from your target market.

9.    Publish information inexpensively. Blogs is the perfect place for non-programmers and non-graphic designers to publish their content online. You can communicate your marketing messages cost-effectively.

10.    Increase content creation. Shareable content is all the range in blogs for business to business marketing. Entrepreneurs can create content that can be presented in videos, eBooks, whitepapers, and many others.

11.    Improve search engine rank. When you blog about your products with the right keywords and phrases, you will increase your chances of getting a higher rank in search engines.

12.    Increase inbound links. Readers who link your blog and share it will increase the quality links that go back to your website. You just have to create genuine links and not the fake ones created by SEO companies to trick search engines.

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