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Whether you are just starting out with WordPress and eCommerce or you’d like to take your site to the next level, there are tons of plugin options on the market.  In fact, sifting through all the options might be the hard part.

WordPress has evolved from the standard blog site to a fully functional host for an eCommerce platform. You easily can go from blogging to selling your products all on one site with seamless integration. Many sites have transitioned from blog-focused to product-focused with the added bonus of a blog.

We’ve searched for the best WordPress eCommerce plugin options out there to provide a guide for both the beginner and advanced WordPress user.

Fundamentals of eCommerce

If you’re just starting out, you will need a general WordPress eCommerce website. This will allow your users to make purchases in your WordPress online store without having to leave your site. This provides for seamless transition from views and clicks to purchases.

  1. Woocommerce

    Ease of use has made Woocommerce a favorite platform with the most current active installs. Easy set up and reporting options make it a good choice for a free e-commerce plugin.

  2. Get Shopped (Previously WP eCommerce)

    One of the most downloaded and widely used eCommerce plugins, Get Shopped easily transforms your WordPress site into an e-store. The plugin itself is free, but there are plenty of extensions to customize and expand the e-commerce platform.

  3. Cart-66 (Previously PHPurchase)

    Although this is a not a free plugin, it does offer features beyond the free options. For under $200/year Cart-66 offers all of the necessary functionality, including security, with little need for extensions.

  4. Shopp

    This is another paid plug in option, but one that has been around for some time so most of the bugs have likely been worked out. Shopp will run about $300/year but will likely require some paid extensions for full functionality.

  5. Ithemes Exchange

    This free plugin offers simple set up and easy start up. However, it is relatively new so expansion options are available but somewhat limited.

  6. Easy Digital Downloads

    This plug in is specific to the selling of downloadable items. This option is best if you’re only planning to sell digital goods.

  7. Shopify

    This eCommerce WordPress plugin is good for new users since many of the details are handled directly by Shopify. There is a fee for this plugin option.

Beyond the Basics

Once you have your WordPress eCommerce website set up and ready to go, you may want to explore some other functionality to optimize your site traffic and enhance the user experience. There are plenty of plugins to make the user experience easier in an effort to increase your sales.

  1. Table Rate Shipping for Woocommerce

    With this plugin you can simplify your shipping and shipping charges. The plugin will calculate and add the shipping charges to the order.

  2. Product Countdown

    Remember the home shopping network? Only 7 minutes left to order, make sure you order now! This plugin helps you create excitement around your product and fear in the customer that supplies and time are limited.

  3. KissHerder

    This plugin takes analytics to the next level. Beyond Google analytics, this plugin mines the data on who your customer is and how they operate. This option allows you to track comments, shares, tweets, etc.

  4. Clicky by Yoast

    The same analytics that Clicky offers for your WordPress site are also available for your WordPress online store.

  5. Bootstrap

    Your customers want speed in completing their purchase online. The Bootstrap plugin helps to increase speed on the site and reduce page load times.

  6. Currency Converter by Woocommerce

    Set your e-commerce website apart from all the others by offering a currency converter for your global customers.

  7. Social Login and Checkout

    Increase the speed and ease of your checkout process by allowing users to login and use their social media sites at checkout.

Sell Media

Much of WordPress eCommerce is based on the sale of various media versus actual goods or services. In addition to the Sell Media plugin, there a number of extensions to make the sale of media online fast, easy and convenient for both the seller and the user.

  1. Sell Media

    Sell Media allows you to sell photographs, images, and documents through WordPress. With this plugin and a host of extension options, selling media through your site is quick and easy. Set up is simple and the plug in makes the sale of media safe and secure.

  2. Sell Media Expire Download

    Choose a date and time for the expiration of a purchased download to protect against sharing or distribution.

  3. Sell Media Manual Purchase

    This plugin allows users to choose an alternative form of payment (cash, check, etc.) outside of PayPal.

  4. Sell Media Access Control

    Limit access to certain parts of your website to selected clients. This plugin provides the option for password protection on selected pages.

  5. Sell Media MailChimp

    If you use Mailchimp to generate your newsletters, this plugin will allow your users to select to receive newsletters directly from your site. The goal is smooth integration between your site and MailChimp.

  6. Sell Media Watermark

    Protect your images from unauthorized reproduction by adding a watermark from this plug in.

  7. Sell Media Magnifier

    This plugin allows your users to zoom into an image for a closer look.

  8. Sell Media Free Downloads.

    Allow your users access to free downloads. This plugin will help you manage your downloads and grow your customer database.

Are you ready to open your WordPress online store?  There are plenty of options out there to enhance your WordPress eCommerce website. Open the shopping cart, add some great features and review the analytics to build your eCommerce presence, increase your traffic, and realize your sales potential.

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