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So You Have an App. How Do You Get Someone To Choose Yours Over All the Rest?


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Importance of app stores optimization

Apps have become a multi-billion dollar industry, and the competition to be noticed has become the line between success and failure for a mobile venture.

It’s difficult to debate the convenience of apps since they bring ease-of-use for everyday items to a user’s fingertips. For instance, mobile banking has given people the opportunity to complete their banking from home instead of commuting to a bank’s physical location. As app stores grow, the ability to be found in a search becomes paramount. Thus, businesses that use apps need their developers to take as much time on developing their ASO (app search optimization) as they would in developing the app itself. Great apps can be lost in the recess of Google Play because the search function could not find it.

App store optimization guide

There are steps that developers and marketers can take when planning out their ASO strategy, and the fundamental part should be keywords and the product description. It is crucial to make sure that the app description not only engages the user when they read it but also uses the chosen keywords. When users search for an app type, the amount of keywords that are in both the keywords and the description will affect how high on the selection list it goes. There are other secondary factors including how often apps are reviewed, downloaded, and shared, but they only fine tune the search.

App store optimization tip: Title and Keywords matter

An effective technique that developers can use to get an app noticed is confirming that the title is unique. There are hundreds of look-alike apps on the market, and making sure your app has a distinctive, individual name will make it stand out to the user. App users like short and snappy titles, it allows them relate better to it and easily share the name of it with friends.

Which app title catches your attention better?

  • Sugar Control
  • Diabetes Tracker

If you want your app to be pulled out of the lineup, get a creative writer involved in developing the title. It’s all in the name!

Finally, do not underestimate the power of a good, solid, keyword that will make your app stand out from the crowd. App Store Optimization takes the time to build up strength as search engines need to parse the information and learn. This is not an overnight solution to make your app number one, but strong framework at the beginning will make the app stand out in search engines and to the public as it becomes more popular.

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