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A Thumbs Up by Consumers: Explaining Social Media Marketing and Social Proof


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With the rise in the use of internet and online shopping, people are continuously focusing on opinion of other users. According to statistics from Google, 70 percent of people rely on the product reviews posted by other users before buying a product.  These ratings and reviews are one type of social proof among many others available. Still, they are enough to show that it influences the purchasing power of people to a great extent. This clearly shows that it is a great online marketing theory and business owners need to make use of it quickly.To define social proof or social influence is the idea of people being swayed by the purchasing decisions of others. It is more than the consumers needing some type of validation about what they are buying or investing in. When they read such reviews, they are satisfied and they think that if others trust the product then why shouldn’t I.  Businesses are using such techniques on their websites and various other networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as strong motivating devices to attract people and influence their purchasing power. Social proof is not a new technique and has been used before. Many books boast of selling thousands of copies of particular titles or that the author is the best seller. Some television shows play recorded applause, laughter or other reactions that they regard as worthy of the particular scenario. These techniques help in influencing people to decide to buy the book or watch the television show. The rise of social media awareness and social networks has just made social proof to be the easiest and most influenced marketing tool.

Social Proof Sources

  • Friends and Family: these people are trusted always and you never take anything they say lightly
  • Celebrities: Famous and well-known people endorse a product or become the face for the brand
  • Experts: trustworthy and reputed experts give a thumbs up
  • Users: People who have actually used the particular product or service provide a feedback in the form of testimonials and reviews.
  • Using social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can see the positive feedback about your business and share it with the general public. You can share these tweets or posts on your website.
  • Social Plug-ins help you link your website to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more. Posts made on your business website can be seen by friends on Facebook, for example, if you have allowed such sharing options.
  • Existing users are an excellent source of social proof for your business. Satisfied customers are more than happy to take part in such activities. And let us not forget that feedback by users is considered to be the most positive and authentic of all feed back.
  • Social media fans like the option of sharing and subscribing to updates. Use it! Add a follow or share button or option all web content present on your website. The easier it is for people to share and follow your web posts, the more it will help you in increasing your clientele.
  • Use statistics. It doesn’t matter how large the number is or what part of business it is related to; as long as it is going to help you increase business, use it. Brag about it on you web page and let the people see. It will help you in gaining more customers.
  • Social media and blogs are excellent for getting expert reviews. Keep up with the new changes and additions from them. Try to stay at the top of your game.

Using Social Proof for Social Media Marketing

It is pertinent that people involved in online marketing business make proper use of social proof. Use the reviews and testimonials by customers and brag about the good you have done. Increase your chances of victory by making use of all types of social proof available. It is no use if you keep all the good reviews hidden in your locker.

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