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Website Protection Program

Everyone Who Owns A Site Needs To Keep It Secure!

Keep Your Business Website Safe

Technology has come quite far since the internet’s early inception, and as much as we’d like to think so, we’re still not at a place where your company can be certain your website is 100 percent secure. Most people don’t even know when their website has been hacked, leaving them vulnerable to having personal information stolen, their website replaced with a new page or taken down all-together and website visitors get a virus.

  • A large percentage of people build their website through WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS (Content Management Systems) because it’s easy to update and maintain. Plugins, modules and extensions, which are pieces of code built by third-party developers to add new features or functionality to a CMS website, are a big part of what makes them so popular.
  • At the moment, there are more than 40,000 different WordPress plugins available for download. As great as plugins are, they also represent more than 55 percent of the known entry points for security breaches, bugs and viruses.
  • Even the 2016 election hack have been attributed to a WordPress plugin – no one is exempt. A year before the election, a vendor of WordPress announced there was a serious vulnerability in the plugin used. The site was not aware of the vulnerability and the hack was able to happen.

Just recently, a large number of websites run on WordPress have been hacked in order to send crypto ransomware and other malicious viruses to website visitors.

Security researchers are saying it is happening a lot to those who are using out-of-date versions of popular plugins, CMS systems themselves and web-based forms.

Webmaster For Hire Works To Keep Your Business Website Safe

At Webmaster For Hire, we stay up to date on the list of plugin vulnerabilities out there. In order to prevent getting bugs and hacks, we make sure your company’s website and plugins are backed up and updated regularly. We don’t catch them all, as many of our site owners install their own plugins but we do try to catch any that we are aware of and either update or recommend a change to the site owner. Having a programmer complete the updates and backups means that the issues can be fixed as quickly as it happens.

  • For a nominal fee of $100/month, we run manual backups of all websites in your hosting account, install security and monitoring plugins and do manual updates of plugins and your CMS system itself. An investment of $100/month could save your company thousands of dollars when compared with losing secure client information and having to rebuild a website. This doesn’t take into account the lost trust between clients and followers. A small investment will pay back tenfold in saved time, relationships and trust.
  • On average, cleaning up and restoring a site that has no back-ups costs more than $3,000. Many of competitors of Webmasters For Hire charge $200 or more a month for the same service we charge a mere $100/month.

Unfortunately, business owners tend to assume that hacking happens to other people and so we put off the maintenance that we should be doing. But when it comes to your business, your website, your clients – it’s all too important NOT to put off security maintenance.

Microsoft and Target have been hacked so why are we so confident that our companies won’t be? It isn’t a case of “if” but “when.” We see, with one of our preferred WordPress plugins installed, over hundreds of failed attempted logins of the ‘admin’ username on many of our clients’ websites.

Someone who’s trying to hack a website will gain access by:

  • Guessing your password
  • Using malware to learn login credentials
  • Hacking another site on the same server
  • Finding an area of vulnerability in any open-to-web access software your company is using.

In the blink of an eye, your website could be compromised. Don’t let it happen. Let us prevent these types of problems and handle the issue when and if it does happen to your company. Like a virus in your body, viruses and hacking can be prevented much of the time.

When your company works with us, we provide customized personal services and work one-on-one with you to make sure you know how to keep your website and information secure and safe.

Security Maintenance Service Offered by Webmaster For Hire



  • Run an initial manual back up of all sites
  • Install security plugins i.e. WordFence, and other security monitoring plugins

Monthly we run:

  • Manual backups of all sites
  • Manual updates of all plugins that require (if any updates break the site, we fix immediately)
  • 1 hour of telephone support questions answered each month