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Web Hosting is not all the same! It’s a fact. Many hosting companies offer low cost with over-crowded server space that slows down your web site’s ability to respond to your potential customer’s browser actions. Slow page returns, too many error pages – and you’ve lost a viewer to your competitor!

Factors in web hosting that cause people to leave quickly, not make a purchase, or create havoc with your search engine rankings:

  • Pulsed bandwidth, causing your site to load slowly and pages to “time out” and is especially troubling when viewers are trying to fill out a form
  • Overloaded servers with too many hosted web sites vying for the same bandwidth, causing slow page loads, time outs, and error pages
  • Slow servers are not mobile friendly
  • Hosting server crashes a lot, and you experience web site downtime
  • No dedicated management control for your web site
  • You share a file manager with dozens – even hundreds – of other web sites
  • Your web site IP address is banned because the host allowed spammers to reside on the server
  • Ignored or slow response to your hosting concerns – bad customer service that leave you hanging

Our Website Hosting

Choosing a web host for your business web site should be based on all features offered, as well as their reputation with previous customers. Webmaster For Hire offers you web hosting packages with:

  • Reputable one-on-one, U.S. customer service – no foreign country service center
  • Unlimited email aliases, allowing you & your employees to each have their own email address
  • Unlimited autoresponders
  • Webmail viewed with a browser for all your email accounts
  • Branded POP3 and SMTP mail servers, allowing you to use computer-based email software
  • Customizable mailbox sizes
  • RedHat Linux servers, which means much more stability and security for your web site
  • Personal CGI bin for faster response time for interactive web designs
  • PHP (4.2.1 and above) & Perl (5.6.x and above)
  • Real Audio, Windows Player, and Quicktime Streaming
  • Unlimited databases are available, using MySQL
  • Password protected directories, ensuring only you have access to your web site files
  • Unlimited FTP accounts and transfers
  • Mailing lists
  • Unlimited subdomains (example:


“Website Angel
I was struggling to straight my website. “There is nothing so well known that we should not expect something for nothing”, but we all do and we call it “Hope”. There is always an angel around us; it is just a matter to find it. Thank you, Elizabeth, my website angel.”

– Anthony Mennitto, Owner


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