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Mobile Apps … Your Business Needs One!

In the U.S., the average consumer uses their mobile devices at least five hours each day and almost everyone has a mobile phone with over a billion smartphones worldwide. That’s an amazing marketing opportunity for all businesses, regardless of size or industry!

In 2011, people accessing the Internet with their smartphones exceeded those accessing it using a computer.
A study conducted by Telmetrics and xAd in 2013 on “Mobile Path-to-Purchases” found that 46% of searchers exclusively used their smartphones for consumer research and purchases. That’s a lot business being conducted through smartphones.

Additionally, mobile apps use has increased by 69% year after year. It’s also been found that people use mobile apps 92% of the time, rather than mobile browsers .
There are a several factors that contribute to these statistics:

  • Smartphones are more convenient than computers, since people always carry them and mobile broadband is better and more available.
  • Mobile apps are faster to use than browsers, requiring only one click, while a browser requires opening it and typing in the URL.
  • There now are more mobile apps available.
  • Downloading an app to a smartphone is fast and convenient to do.

Mobile apps have become a mainstay for all smartphone users.

Business Benefits

There are so many benefits to businesses that mobile apps are a must to use, regardless of your service, product or industry. Let’s look at the benefits:

  • Mobile apps complement your mobile web site by bringing potential buyers.
  • You can connect and interact with potential buyers.
  • You can engage potential customers in such a way to gain a better understanding of:
    • Their needs and wants,
    • Your demographics, and
    • Their geographical locations.
  • They put your brand and logo on smartphones everywhere, increasing visibility and sales for your business.
  • Increase customer loyalty to your business.
  • Mobile app analytics let you know what works and what doesn’t in your online marketing strategy.
  • They give you endless marketing opportunities a web site cannot give you.
  • Allow for purchases on-the-go by consumers.
  • Offer customers more value.
  • Give consumers more opportunities to contact you.

How You Can Use Mobile Apps to Your Benefit

A mobile app is nothing more than an Internet application, designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices, such as mobile tablets.
The way you can use a mobile app is limited only by your imagination. Here are only a few ideas:

  • Market directly to current customers for repeat business.
  • Market to customers by geographical locations, using GPS.
  • Offer subscriptions.
  • Increase donations for non-profits.
  • Send unlimited notifications … eliminate the out of sight, out of mind problem.
  • Broadcast and promote events or sales.
  • Create a social platform for customers to discuss your business, products and services.
  • Send thank you’s for customer purchases.
  • Set appointments.
  • Give repeat customers discounts and specials – just for them!
  • Offer a customer loyalty program, using reward points and discounts for each repeat purchase.
  • Give customers more service and support.

The uses for mobile apps are endless.

What We Do for You

Webmaster for Hire creates user-friendly mobile apps for its clients. By discussing your ideas and needs, we create a customized mobile app just for your business to work for both native iOS (iphone) and Android operating systems. We discuss the target market you wish to reach, in what way you would like to reach them (what you wish to do with the app), your objectives and expected results, and how to make it a seamless, user friendly, and convenient experience for both you and your customers.

We can even suggest the best ways you can use a mobile app for your particular industry and target market.

We like to add a sharing option, so your satisfied customers can invite others to use your mobile app for themselves.

Then, our experienced programmer creates your mobile app, while our marketing gurus design a marketing strategy for you to get the most visibility and use from it.

Contact us today to discuss your mobile app ideas and needs.
You’ll be glad you did!

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