WordPress WooCommerce Development

Do you have a WordPress website and need to add product sales or need a small e-commerce store online? With small stores that have minimum added feature requirements, you can get a great online store with the WordPress plugin WooCommerce made by WooThemes.

Most businesses that want a small e-commerce site cannot use the basic WooCommerce plugin. You need to make sure your store has all the functionality that you desire and need to run your business. Functions, such as, shipping tables verses flat fee or free, real-time shipping costs, items with multiple options (colors, sizes, etc…) and more – much more. Most of the plugins come at an extra cost whether you’re building the site yourself or hiring a developer to build it. Knowing all of the necessary and desired functions before you build helps to know how much of a budget to expect for your e-commerce project.

Why Choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is easy for new online store owners and can manage merchandise, orders and customers with ease all in one place. You can add, edit, and delete product images and descriptions and even mark sale prices without calling your developer. You can receive orders, run sales reports and keep inventory in the same place. This online store is best for small online stores with 50 to 75 SKUs or less and ones that need very minimal functions.

Beginning the build on the WordPress platform, means that your store gets all the same marketing benefits that WordPress offers including auto-posts to social media sites, RSS Feed emails for monthly email campaigns and more.

Webmaster For Hire has been building WordPress WooCommerce online store sites for over five years. We specialize in custom design sites targeted to your unique online buyers.

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