Did You Order Multiple Services – Let’s Get You Started!

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What We Need to Get Your Services Started:

Now that you’ve paid for for multiple services from us, we have to get necessary access details to jump in.

Please be sure to read the given details to know what is being requested. 

Any TEXT BOXES with text in it, the text can remain or you can remove it to write over it. The text is there to give you examples and explanation of what is needed.

Check your invoice email for the order id number.

What is the best phone number to reach for questions

Complete for SSL & WordPress Support Service Orders

If you ordered SSL or WordPress Support Services, please complete the following:

Website (www/domain) for website

This is the place that your website's files reside.

Complete for Both WordPress Support & Microsoft Email Orders

If you ordered WordPress Support Services and/or Microsoft 365 Email Addresses, complete the following.

What is the name of the company you purchased your web address (url/www)?

Complete for Email Addresses Orders

If you purchased Microsoft 360 Email address(es), please complete the following items.