Self-Directed Marketing Packages for Great Results

Webmaster for Hire has got good news to share with you! We have come up with an exciting idea to popularize and benefit your business. We are offering ‘self-directed marketing packages’ that fit boost your SEO rankings, site traffic and increased business branding.

Our self-directed marketing packages offer following services

seo Manual Social Bookmarking Submissions – Social bookmarking, nowadays, has become one of the most effective internet marketing strategies to promote a website in terms of increasing its traffic loads and enhancing products, goods and services to online users. As being one of the best SEO techniques, social bookmarking service involves linking sites to multiple blogs, forums on social networking sites, web content sites, blog sites and other online sources. The manual social bookmarking service is the best internet strategy to submit a website on blogs so that it could get due notice from targeted clients. We have come up with the same for you.

Strategies and Benefits:

  • As more and more people read your bookmarked blog post/ web article and vote for it, the more popular it becomes & the traffic to your site increases.
  • Social bookmarking submissions will put your blog/website in front of millions of people, increasing your reach several times and giving you more visibility.
  • As social bookmarking sites have millions of users, there are chances that if your blog/website has good content, they might get linked to you, eventually increasing your SEO rankings.

Manual Directory Submissions – Directory submission refers to the process of submitting your website to different directories like Yahoo and Google. And when you manually submit the site to directories, it is called manual directory submission. Compared to automated or bulk submission methods, the manual method leads to quicker indexation by search engines. Webmaster for Hire is providing manual directory submissions through its mini packages.

Strategies and Benefits:

  • Directory submission helps you get high quality back links. All the search engines consider the number of back links you have. Directory submission will give your website the required back links.
  • Online web directories attract a lot of visitors each day. By listing your website in the top directories, your website will get the required online exposure and visibility.
  • Even if your website does not have top ranking, directory submissions can still boost traffic to your website. See how? Submitting your website to directories means that it gets indexed in the search engines. We take care that there are right keywords for your submissions, ensuring that your directory listings will get listed in the search engine listings and your highly targeted traffic will get directed towards your website.

Press Releases – A press release is a written statement to media. A press release can announce a range of news items, including scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, etc. It is a fundamental tool of PR work and our package offers this service too.

Strategies and Benefits:

  • Sharing your business news with your client base through a press release ensures your credibility and expertise in the business circles.
  • Whether you have an offline or online business, chances are you have a website where potential clients go to check you out. So, you must share your business news with potential clients through a press release and you will be reaching the markets you didn’t even know existed for you!
  • A press release can improve your SEO ratings. In online press releases, anchor text and URLs can be added. When high page ranking sites and major search engines pick up your optimized news release, you can appear on the first page of Google for a competitive term, which in turn drive traffic to your site.
  • And, of course, the original intention of writing a press release is to capture the media attention towards your business, making it known to the world.

High PR Site Submission – High PR directory submission will get the best value for the time and effort you are putting into your directory submissions. It simply means submitting your site to high PR directories. Webmaster for Hire takes care to make your submissions to high PR directories.

Strategies and Benefits:

  • Search engines, in particular Google gives great importance to links from websites with high PR, doing great good to your website.
  • The PR of reputed directories is likely to improve over time and this will be to your benefit.

RSS Directory Submission (RSS Feed Needed) – Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed Submission is one of the most simple and excellent Search Engine Optimization tool for submitting your website’s RSS feeds to popular directories and search engines.

Strategies and Benefits:

RSS directory submissions help you to get free inbound one way links with no reciprocal links needed in return.

  • RSS submission is an innovative way to convey your message, engage new potential customers and visitors with interesting and regularly updated content.
  • RSS feed submission takes your website’s content to thousands of audiences eventually increasing traffic to your website.
  • When you are short of time, you can use RSS feeds to supplement content, in order to keep your website looking fresh and engage search engine spiders.

Webmaster for Hire takes care of your business and so we have designed our self-directed packages having all the services needed to increase your SEO rankings and traffic. We take care to submit your websites to reputed companies so that you get the maximum attention and visibility on the internet. Our packages are affordable as well as beneficial to all business owners. So why think twice?

To learn about the different packages available, visit this link: Webmaster for Hire Self-Directed Marketing Packages.

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AUTHOR - Beth Varian

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