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Search engine optimization is an online marketing strategy that puts your business in front of your potential customers. It is about getting your website’s search results organically. SEO is about making you so relevant to those searching that they click through to your site.

Search engines index all your website’s pages, not just your home page. Having informative content that ranks in searches, makes your business relevant and puts you in the forefront of your prospect’s mind. Your bounce rate (visitors that hit your site, don’t like what they see, and leave in 5 seconds) lowers because the traffic is targeted.

The search algorithm’s are never outwardly stated. Search engines create technical challenges constantly with their unannounced algorithm changes. Busy business owners that do not keep current with these changes can find their rankings drop drastically or worse – have a delisted site. Partner up with a good search engine optimization company. They thrive on the challenges. Their ability to stay current and use the latest reputable strategies creates an advantage for you.

Webmaster For Hire is owned by the first organic marketing producer at CBS SportsLine. She and her team use the same tenacity as she used back then to stay up-to-date with current strategies. We partner with our clients to create their search engine marketing success.

search engine optimization services

The Process for Your Website’s Ranking Success

Your branding and your image are important to us. You are actively part of the process.

Our consulting plus your industry knowledge equals success.

1 – Discovery – Introduce Us to Your Business

We discover what you’ve been doing – what’s working, what’s not – and if we’re the right solution for your company. We’ll cover our SEO services and the best solution for your current challenges.

2 – Ranking for Specific Keywords – Research, Explanation & Approvals

We run keyword analysis on your preferred keywords. You will receive a report of all recommended words. This report will include search averages and the level of difficulty to rank them.

3 – Initial On-Site Reports – What’s Actually Going on With Your Website?

We run reports for how your website currently stands to rank for the approved keywords. We will create a list of recommendations to improve ranking and review it with you.

Then we’ll do the onsite changes. Any missing sitemaps, we’ll create them. Any missing analytics, we will setup and install them. Any missing optimization, we’ll update.

4 – We Write – You Review & Approve

Content is still king. Writing blog posts, distributing guest posts and infographics are a must. Our search engine optimization packages include content writing and infographic creation.


5 – Off-Site – We’re Getting Your Website Promoted on the Web

Every month, we will distribute the approved guest posts. We will submit your website’s link and contact information out on “high trust authority” sites. These are sites that search engines already like and help to create better links back to your site.

Webmaster For Hire does not do any black hat linking strategies. Those tricks only get you kicked out of Google eventually. We work white hat linking only. These strategies will give you longevity and sustainability in search engines.

6 – Reporting – Showing Your Results

We create an easy to read spreadsheet of your traffic statistics for your website. At the end of the year, you’ll see the entire year’s traffic in one quick view. We’ll include your approved keyword list and keep a running report of where these words or phrases rank.

7 – Monitor – Adjust – Grow

We will review your numbers each month with a couple of specific goals. First, to learn your industry’s ebbs and flows – your busy and slow seasons. Second, to recommend strategy changes, if needed.

SEO Marketing Services Include


  • SEO Landing Pages
  • On-Site Blog Posts
  • Detailed Website Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Industry Analysis & Keyword Research
  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Website Navigation (Menu) Optimization
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Rich Snippet Implementation and Optimization
  • Metatag Creation and Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • W3C Validation
  • HTML Site Map Creation
  • XML Site Map Creation
      • Robot.txt Validation
      • Google Analytics Setup (if needed)
      • Google Search Console Setup
      • Broken Link Detection and Repair
      • Business Profile Set Up for Local Businesses (Google My Business)


      • Guest Blog Posts
      • Guest Blog Post Bookmarking
      • Bookmarking
      • Monthly by Hand & SEO-Friendly Backlinks
      • Infographic Creation
      • Business/Directory Listings (if applicable)

      Why Webmaster For Hire for Your Search Engine Optimization?

      The founder and owner of Webmaster For Hire, Beth Varian, started online in 1995. She worked various jobs as a designer, developer and web marketer. In 1998, she was the first SEO expert at CBS She managed the rankings for all areas of the main site and their other sites.

      Beth and our digital marketing team stay informed of the latest changes to search algorithms. As the updates come out, we adjust our services to reflect them. Our goal is to keep our clients’ marketing current. This maintains and grows visibility in search engines.

      We educate our clients on why we choose certain search engine optimization strategies in plain English. Technology is exciting and we love sharing our passion in a way that gets our clients excited, too.

      We communicate with our clients regularly. We are available via email, business phone, Facebook Private Messenger, text and cellphone. We’ve been in business since 2001 and we have done so by making our clients a priority.

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      SEO Marketing Reports

      Webmaster For Hire communicates with our clients. No guessing what we’re doing and no wondering how your site is ranking.

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      Easy-to-Read Traffic Reports
      Search Engine Optimization - SEO 3
      Know What's Being Done for Your SEO Marketing with Our Workflow Documents
      Search Engine Optimization - SEO 4
      Monthly SEO Keyword Rankings Report 


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