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What do you call businesses that don’t use video marketing?

eNews-PromoteYourBizAre you serious about creating marketing strategy that generates sales? Are you ready for the business growth you’ve been dreaming of? Because if you are, we are here to offer you something you just can’t say no to.

Here’s the deal: there are gazillion things you can spend your marketing budget on. Some of them work well and some of them don’t. But if there was one way to reach your clients and still keep your business going well, it would be through videos.

You may have heard that video marketing is huge – but how huge exactly? And would it work for your industry? Let’s take a look at some of the statistics.

  • 68% of marketers say that videos will be as important as TV content within 3 years. This means that good video marketing will be as powerful as TV ads – and much less expensive…
  • In fact, in the US YouTube already reaches more people age 18-49 than any TV network – and that’s on mobile devices alone. Is your target market in that age group?
  • Companies that use videos enjoy, on average, 41% more traffic than companies who don’t. Would you like more traffic from potential customers?

Video Marketing Done Right!

Webmaster For Hire partners with businesses that aren’t willing to settle.

If you are reading this, chances are you fall in one of two categories:

  • You don’t use video marketing yet. It’s time to give it a try!
  • You do use video marketing, but for some reason it’s not working as well as you’d hoped. So how do you fix it?


Whatever the case, Webmaster For Hire is here to help. We’ve worked with a lot of businesses over the years, offering a variety of high-quality, expert services like:

  • Video production of all types of web-based videos – Articles to Video, Slideshow, Explainer, Self-Promo, In-Person Client Testimonial and Spokesperson.
  • Video marketing consulting, including invaluable advice about which video would work best for your business or specific campaign, and how to promote it.
  • Scripting, voiceovers, YouTube channel creation, adding your videos to your website and much more!

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to follow the trends and make the best of the opportunities ahead. And right now you have the opportunity to work with a leader in the online video production and internet video marketing services. Are you ready to take the next step?

To start with one of our pre-set video creation, production and marketing packages, click here.



of U.S. marketers plan to
increase their mobile ad
budgets to account for
video according to eMarketer.



By 2016 video ad spending
will reach $5.4 Billion by
2016 according to Break Media.



marketers plan to increase
their use of YouTube and
video marketing, reported
by Social Media Examiner
via Envisa.

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