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video-creationDon’t write it – show it!

When it comes to online marketing, many of us still count on great copy. And that’s not all bad – but there’s new player in town and it has the power to double – or more like quadruple – your sales. What is it? Awesome videos!

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for a very long time, you probably already know that the world has gone crazy for videos! Just look at the stats: including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%; 92% of people who watch videos on their mobile devices share them with friends; 64% of buyers have admitted that they are more likely to buy online after watching a video.

But what if you’ve already tried that and it just didn’t work for you? Well, there is a catch. The videos that work best are usually high-quality, professional videos that conduct just the right amount of information in just the right way. And most people simply don’t know how to do that. But we do.

Webmaster For Hire is an experienced video production company that focuses on creating videos specifically for online marketing purposes. Intrigued? You should be! Here’s how we can help you succeed…

Keep It Simple – Videos don’t need to be complicated!

When it comes to videos for online marketing purposes, most companies prefer Article to Video, Slideshow or Explainer videos. We are experts in those! Take advantage of:

  • Scripting/storyboard created to drive sales
  • Stock-photos suitable for your message – or great usage of the photos you provide
  • Background music evoking the right emotions – and buying is often based on emotions
  • Options for professional voiceover
  • Multiple editions


Consistency means prosperity! For everyone who want to use videos regularly, we have monthly plans that offer great value for money!



According to Forbes, 59%
of executives would rather
watch video than read text.



of YouTube videos are
embedded, linked, shared
on Tuesday between 11am
and 1pm.



More video content is
uploaded in 30 days
than all three major U.S.
T.V.  networks combined
have created in 30 years.

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