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Do You Know If Trolls Are Attacking Your Business?

Trolls are angry customers, clients, patients or disgruntled former employees, who feel they received some slight from you, OR even a competitor who will stoop so low as to attempt to eliminate their competition – YOU – through Internet smear campaigns. Trolls use review sites and social media to exact their revenge posting negative comments about your business. Their mission is to ruin YOU … and some do an excellent job when left unchecked.

Replies to these reviews seldom help and usually make things worse. Removing the reviews is next to impossible. Some businesses have tried to “go to war” with trolls, resulting in disastrous results. Just check out what happened with this New York boutique hotel when they attempted to control negative reviews in the wrong way: Click Here. The backlash was so immediate that the hotel now carries only a 1.5-star rating on Google. Going to war never produces positive results.

Trolls Ruin YOUR Online Reputation

Angry Customers

Angry Customers- Online Review Marketing West Palm Beach

Disgruntled Employees

Disgruntled Employees- Online Review Marketing

Malicious Competitors

Malicious Competitors- Online Review Marketing Florida

Online Review Marketing Produces the Most Positive Results!

Webmaster For Hire makes it easy for you by systematically and proactively squashing the negative reviews by obtaining and promoting your positive business reviews:

  • First, we monitor your online reputation, identifying troll reviews before they can do any damage.
  • Using a proven system and legal methodology, we then authentically build your online reputation to 4 and 5 stars, overwhelming the negative reviews with positive ones.
  • Our proprietary system obtains real, positive reviews from your customers, clients or patients:
  • The 3-star (or less) reviews are directed back to you to resolve with your consumer.
  • The 4-star (or more) reviews are posted on legitimate review sites across the Internet.
  • Negative troll reviews get buried under your current, positive reviews and real examples that show why your business is a joy with which to do business.
  • Consequently, you experience more business and increased revenues.


  • Angry customers, clients, or patients will go to review sites and social media to blast their displeasure with your company
  • Disgruntled employees may decide to exact revenge
  • The LATEST TREND… nasty and malicious false reviews being posted by your competitors

In the field of online branding and marketing, we refer to these three types of negative reviewers as “trolls”. The mission of each is to kill your business and they do a phenomenal job of it… if left unchecked.

Makes You Angry! What Can You Do?

Combating these negative reviews is a tricky business. Under reputation management, your business has someone monitor your online reputation and identify negative reviews after they’ve been posted. Replies to counteract the comment are ineffective at best and sometimes further damaging (if not handled correctly). Removing the review is practically impossible.

As a result, some businesses have decided to “go to war” with disastrous results. A New York boutique hotel attempted to have a policy of charging a bride and groom $500 per negative review left by them or any of their wedding guests. There was a social media backlash when the story broke and now the first thing a person sees when he or she Googles the business is a 1.5 star rating on Yelp!

This hotel is not the only business to have tried such draconian measures to fight down negative reviews and this approach never works!

Just Sit Back & Let Us Do It For You!

We now have a systematic and proactive way to push down negative reviews and promote positive reviews for your business! People trust online reviews. They frequently research a business prior to purchasing a product or walking through the doors. Our proven system and legal methodology will authentically build your online reputation to 4 and 5 stars. People that research you will see real and positive reviews that promote your business and give real examples of why your business is a joy to work with. This translates into more business and more revenue.

Here’s how we do it …

Very simply. We have a proprietary system that will give you and your staff the tools to get reviews from your real customers, clients, or patients. When the reviews come in we will sort and direct them as follows:

  • The 3-star (or less) reviews will ONLY be redirected to you for you to deal with on your own.
  • The 4-star (or more) reviews will be pushed out to legitimate review sites.


If a negative review is posted outside of this system, it will get buried under current and positive reviews. This is reputation marketing and it is the right way to deal with trolls and proactively manage your business’s online reputation.



This is the right way to counter troll reviews!

Call Webmaster For Hire today to begin protecting and repairing your business’ online reputation using online review marketing!


“How to be Noticed & Get Clients

I got to know Elizabeth (Webmaster for Hire) first as a client of Kowerk Executive Suites. She initially found me and then I was in need of getting clients. She helped us in many ways so I have recommended her to my friends and have kept using her in advantageous ways to maximize exposure and results.”

– Alberto Siblesz, General Manager |


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