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localmarketing-mapsMany businesses don’t wish to sell globally, so they ignore the opportunities the Internet can provide to a local-based business. Local search engine optimization (SEO) marketing – also called local maps marketing – helps you target your local market for new customers.

Today, 97% of consumer searches include a “location”, both from cell phones and other computer devices. Google® has and continues to add features that enhance the local marketing performance. Local SEO ranking factors include:

  • Physical business address – since Google uses neighborhoods, called Google Zones, you need more than just your business address on your home page
  • Category – it’s important to get your business listed correctly & remember, the category is based on how people do searches rather than how you think they view your business
  • Google tools – an active Google Plus account is essential and should include your area code, consumer reviews, and an optimized business page
  • Claiming your site – many directories across the Internet already has your business included, but there is nothing other than your business name, address and maybe a phone number. You can claim the profile, adding details and descriptions about your business
  • Reviews – properly collected reviews from your consumers using their locations can increase your profits substantially
  • Web site content – must be written to engage your potential local audience with strategies to enhance your local marketing

To understand which marketing company can offer you the best service you need to first understand the stages of Local Marketing, G+ and Map Marketing.

Local and SEO Ranking Factors

Physical Address

This is the address associated with a business and how it relates to a Google zone or neighborhood. Are you on the edge of a zone? Then if you just place your address in a citation box you may market to people 10 blocks away, but not the people who are one block away but on the ‘other side’ of Google’s border.

Accurate Category

Google cut back the categories, making this more difficult. The wrong maps category can skew your SEO, especially if your category doesn’t match your keywords.

Proximity of Address to Centroid

This measures how close to your business is to the city center, and population centers.

Quality of Citations

Citations need to be created properly. Just having a listing isn’t enough to give your business authority. NAP consistency is vital. How much variation is there between your name, address, and phone number? The more variation the poorer your local optimization.

How authoritative are the citations? Are they in spam sites, or sites that are used by consumers.

Google Tools

Do you have an area code, and local reviews on Google Plus? Have you optimized your google business page? Is your Google plus account active?

Claiming Your Site

Many directory, local listing sites and review-focused sites have already added your business into their database. Why not take control and complete the profile with accurate information? To do do this, you have to ‘claim’ the site as officially your company’s profile.


One of the most important aspects of local SEO is the reviews, but they need to be collected properly. Pasting a review that you received in an email will not help. Your marketing company needs to focus on tools that track the reviewer’s location.


Is there a good address on the website? What about a QR code?
Does the content on the website support the local economy? Or does it just include a few ‘addresses’ and street names? Do people in your area want to read your local content? All of this matters. Each adds ‘SEO juice’ to your Maps marketing and local SEO campaigns.


What Can Our Maps Local Marketing Do For You?

Set Up:

  • Focus on Top City Choices
  • Focus on Top Services/Product Choices
  • Keyword Analysis & Research
  • Create Optimized Business Description
  • Google Account/Profile Set Up
  • Google Business Set Up & Optimized
  • Google+ Page Set Up & Optimized
  • Custom Google Profile Image
  • Custom Google Cover Image
  • YouTube Channel Setup/ Optimization
  • YouTube Custom Channel Art
  • Yahoo! Local Profile and Business Listing Set up
  • Bing Places Business Listing Set up
  • Promotional Videos created
  • Optimized Images for Google+ Page Category Keywords
  • Create KML Location File
  • Set Up Google Analytics Account

Local Marketing – Maps Marketing

  • Manual Citations
  • Optimize Listings
  • Optimize images
  • Back link to Google + Local
  • Back Link to Yahoo! Local
  • Back Link to Bing Local
  • Promotional Video Creation
  • Monthly Statistics Report


“So Thankful for Webmaster for Hire

Working with Elizabeth and Webmaster for Hire has been an absolutely positive experience. Elizabeth designed our website years ago, and continues to host the site. We are not very tech savvy people, but Webmaster for Hire is the expert, and will always answer any questions we may have. We feel we are in very professional, competent hands. Also, they are honest people. No bait and switch tactics here. They do what they say they will do at the price quoted. Can’t ask for anymore.”

– Adriane Schneider, Owner


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