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Search Engine Optimization

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the top method for placing your web site on page 1 of Google and drive potential customers or clients to your site. SEO marketing can add or detract from the success of your web site. Many people use shady methods that, in the end, get the web site placed lower in Google’s rankings or (even worse) banned from the Google site. We use only those methods and procedures that are Internet acceptable for your best success.

Webmaster For Hire provides customized SEO strategies for your particular web site, giving you the most success from your SEO marketing. Our well rounded SEO marketing strategies begin with search engine algorithm analysis and ends with an analysis of human behavior, specifically for your web site and target audience. This means taking the time to customize an overall strategy that works for you.

search engine optimization

  • SEO is not about Keywords and Meta Data.
  • SEO is not about getting your website to the top of Google.
  • SEO is about positioning your website so it attracts consumers and clients.

What We Do

The goal of Webmaster For Hire for all our clients is to drive business to your web site. You want actual potential customers or clients for your products or services – not passive visitors. Unfortunately, some SEO marketing methods and strategies work only to drive any and all traffic to a web site, wasting your bandwidth and marketing money.

Our goal for you –
Your web site listed on page 1 of a Google search &
a substantial increase in your online business

Our promise to you is to always use Internet-acceptable methods, specifically designed for your web site and target audience, to provide you with:

  • Keyword weight that never falls below 30% with density tracking to prevent Google penalties
  • Successful keyword hijacking prevention
  • Media marketing that doesn’t compromise your SEO success
  • Content that supports your SEO efforts while providing readable news to your target audience
  • Appropriate link building to your website
  • Real time data for your accurate & trending decision making

An SEO’s job is to prevent Google penalties and protect your website from being banned, or collecting so many penalties that it loses all its ranking positions. It is not about meta tags. It is a well rounded marketing practice that starts with analyzing algorithms, and ends with analyzing human behavior.


All successful businesses know the need for ‘real time’ data. They need reliable information, now, not three months from now.  Without up to date information a business is just guessing which direction they should take next.

That is why WebmasterForHire works hard to make sure their clients have the tools and information needed to make informed decisions. Some of the SEO, Traffic, and Analytics tools included in website design or redesign, or our marketing campaigns may include:

  • Yoast
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Statcounter
  • Webalizer
  • MajesticSEO
  • Top Industry SEO software
  • Analytics
  • Keyword Ranking Tools
  • Webpage Analyst
  • Keyword Weighting Software
  • Keyword Density
  • Content Quality


We measure the onsite and offsite importance of keywords. This changes as new posts are put on a website, and there are new links made. Keyword weight is used to rank websites on search engines. It is a mathematical calculation and can be skewed by the slightest change in content – even by off site factors.

Our SEO team works hard to keep this promise – that your keyword weight will never fall below 30%.


Offsite links and onsite content can increase the number of times a keyword appears, which may generate a Google penalty. Our campaign tracks density to prevent this problem.  We work hard to ensure the keyword density of your website will never exceed 5%.


Everyone would like Position #1 on Page #1 of Google. Getting this position is only 1/2 the battle. Keeping it is just as important. The moment we gain a keyword in the top 5 positions the competition works hard to steal that position back. A good SEO can identify attacks, and work to prevent being pushed down the SERPS by the competition.


Media marketing is part of social networking, but an SEO must understand all the nuances associated with media marketing that can affect the SEO value of a website. Not all attention is good. The wrong attention can actually hurt a website’s ranking positions. A good SEO’s job is to make sure that when media goes viral it boosts ranking positions, traffic, and ultimately, sales.


The content on your website should never be limited to ‘building keyword weight for SEO.’ Real people read your blog posts. Potential customers may use your blog posts to make a decision to buy.

What does your content say about you?

Our content is written by professionals with no less than 5 years experience as writers. We do not hire out writing to freelancers. Our writers understand that your potential customers think you wrote every blog post on your website and will be making a decision to buy while reading your blog.

Context is that intangible element that determines where Google will rank your website. The ability to optimize the context takes months to learn. Our writers work with our SEO team to learn how to make sure the context will support your keywords and product.


How does Google rank websites if it doesn’t use keywords? The answer is in Google’s knowledge graph. Google looks for the answers to questions. If your website can answer a query string, then it will rank. Google is not interested in websites that optimize for a prime keyword, or money keyword. Google looks for the question behind the query.

For Example: Medical

Google wants to know whether your website is selling Medical Supplies, a Medial Clinic, engages in Medical Research, or a medical university. Once Google understands the context of your website, it uses the Knowledge Graph to determine which websites have the correct information for each visitor.


Most people have realized that they may have position #1 on mobile and #2 in their neighborhood, #3 in the next neighborhood, and #1 for their entire state. Local businesses need an Search engine optimization firm who can optimize for the neighborhoods and devices used by your shoppers.

SEO firms that are ‘trapped’ by browser optimization for database alone will soon be gone. Today’s SEO’s need to be flexible and adaptive, able to customize their strategy for every customer – no matter what new algorithm changes Google introduces.


Our Search Engine Optimizaion team measures the traffic that visits your website. Our goal is not to drive the maximum traffic to your website. Our objective is to drive an increasing number of potential consumers to your website.


This is one of the most difficult tasks in SEO. Most business owners don’t realize that once a link is out on the internet it is there until the webmaster takes it off. This may mean a bad link will remain on the internet forever.

Our SEO Team Promises!

Webmaster For Hire’s SEO team promises NOT to knowingly engage in any shady link building practices (or other strategies that could potentially ban your site) including, but not limited to:

  • Building links on 404 pages
  • Adding links to parked pages
  • Linking to ‘scripts’ that appear to be pages
  • Adding links to known ‘banned’ sites
  • Linking to black hat websites
  • Linking to ‘link farm’ directories
  • Putting thousands of links on the same website
  • Making all the links on a Tier 1 ‘link baiting scheme’
  • Putting links on hundreds of blogs – that are all on the same server
  • Making the exact same links, on the exact same sites, every month
  • Not giving you proof that we built the links we promised to build
  • Knowingly building links on ‘dead’ sites (we cannot guarantee that a website will never go down).
  • We do monthly ‘health checks’ on every website we use in our link building campaign. If a website scores less than a 3 trust, we remove it from our marketing campaign even if the website has high PR, and lots of traffic.

Will your current SEO firm make the same promises?

Contact Webmaster For Hire  to learn more about how our SEO team can help your business succeed.


“Elizabeth, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great effort you and your company has put into getting South Florida Home Inspection Associates recognized on either the first page or first two pages on various search engines on the internet.

As a result of your expertise, our website referral business has increased over 100% year to date over last year. In today’s economic climate, this is a great achievement. I do believe with a continued effort in SEO, we will be listed on the front pages of the most significant search engines.

Thank you for your assistance and continued support.”

– Sydney Smidt, Owner


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