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Magento Medical E-commerce Shopping Cart Themes

Top 15 Magento Medical E-commerce Shopping Cart Themes

Are you ready to bring your medical e-commerce site to the next level? With an array of Magento medical e-commerce themes available, you can quickly and easily move your business to the next level of online sales.

Magento is a full-service e-commerce shopping platform used to sell products online. The software is used to market and display products, process sales transactions, and collect user data for reporting.

One distinguishing feature of Magento is that it’s a fully customizable and flexible operating system. Although the platform can be used straight “out of the box,” administrators can also add features to the software to create a professional and unique e-commerce site.

To customize the site, there are plenty of themes that offer options specific to the healthcare field. Most are geared toward the sale of medical equipment, drugs and supplements, contact lenses, and medical devices. It’s easy to choose the theme that best fits your customers and your business needs.

Responsive Health Care

This theme is among the most user-friendly medical e-commerce options. Neatly organized, responsive, and easy to use, this theme has great features for your medical e-commerce site. Your customers will appreciate the friendly, well-organized layout.

Medical Equipment

The medical equipment theme offers a therapeutic and soothing white and green color scheme. The theme includes slider images to help engage your customers with all the equipment your site has to offer. The theme is specific to medical equipment and includes a number of stock images for your use for the life of the product. This theme is SEO friendly and includes additional features like Google Maps, an easy-to-use commenting system, social icons, and drop-down options. This theme is user friendly for both the consumer and the administrator.

Health Care Medical

The healthcare medical theme is spacious, has smooth transitions, and offers a soothing shopping experience. This theme offers quick shop options for convenient, easy purchasing.

Medical Responsive

The medical responsive theme is compatible with all browsers and includes featured products, new additions, and bestselling item options. The theme also offers advance menu options.


The optometrist theme is one of the great ones specific to contact lens sales. The theme can be organized to display each type of contact lens offered, from daily/weekly/monthly, multi-focal, colored, and tinted.


This premium responsive theme offers a unique, clean, fresh look. Gemini offers slides for featured, new, or discounted items. The theme is simple and easy to use and is perfect for medical and drug e-commerce stores. With green and light blue colors, this theme is attractive and easy for users.

Healthy Family Medical

This theme allows for complete customization to make the site exactly as your customers want it. It includes advanced search options and comes with seven to 15 high-resolution stock photos.

Chemist’s Shop

This theme allows you to showcase an array of different products and provides a colorful and trendy site, which includes dedicated grids for offers and promotions.

Equipment for Hospitals

This theme offers translation into local languages and plenty of options to change the background color and add logos. The equipment for hospitals theme provides an eye-catching template to build an enticing website for your customers.

Herbal Drug Store

The herbal drug store theme offers a fresh green background that provides a crisp, clean appearance. The slider options display new and featured products.

High-Tech Medical Equipment

This theme offers parallax scrolling with a 3D effect in the backdrop. You can choose from many different options and modules to customize your site for the most functionality for your customers.

Drug Store

The functionality and easy setup of this theme makes it a great option for pharmaceutical sales. Features include sidebar categories, quick-view options, and three call-to-action buttons. This theme also offers a clean, minimalist, professional design with soothing green colors.

First Aid Store

This theme has an easy-to-use format and a spacious layout. Eye-catching banners and accordion sliders allow you to present featured items, sale items, and new products.

Healthcare Supplies

This premium Magento theme offers a clean and minimalistic site with light grey, black, green, and coral color combinations. A simple navigation bar and vertical multi-level menu make the site functional and easy to use. Customizable banners for new arrivals and specials help make your products stand out.


This premium Magento theme provides an elegant, professional-looking medical e-commerce website. With a well-designed layout, this theme offers useful features and functions for consumers.

Whether you’re new to medical e-commerce or you’re looking to update your current site, a Magento medical e-commerce website is the right choice.

Magento offers:

  • Wide variety of medical-related themes
  • Easy installation
  • Customizable features
  • User-friendly platform
  • Flexible operating system
  • Robust reporting
  • Mobile-friendly options

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