Sample our Magento SEO audit tools

Sample our Magento SEO audit tools 1Magento stores around the world are quickly becoming the standard for e-commerce. An online store requires a professional look, ease in adding or removing products, a user-friendly experience and more. The Magento software is stable and solid. That said, there are steps you need to take to optimize your site. Once such step is to make sure the store is set up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If it isn’t, people searching for a particular product might not find it in your store. Without proper SEO, problems arise with visibility, traffic and lead generation. 

We understand Magento. We know SEO strategies that will help your site thrive. This is why we have a Magento SEO audit service. Keep in mind that even if you have carried out sophisticated SEO measures, there is always the chance than a new update to algorithms has recently taken place. This can throw off your previous SEO efforts, making them obsolete. We stay current with all major search engine algorithm changes and the effect they have. 

Once we have audited your store, you will receive a detailed report that covers the following:

  • A summary of what we detect
  • An analysis of the speed and performance of your store in regards to visibility and engagement
  • A lengthy look at existing issues with our recommended solutions
  • Habits observed from site traffic, especially just after an algorithm update
  • Recommendations on what your developers and copywriters need to implement


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