PSD to Magento Conversion Service

Webmaster for Hire offers Magento theme development services, including for the Magento Enterprise and Community platforms. Often e-commerce store owners know the look they want, but don’t know how to realize it. That’s where we come in. We can iron out your website dreams, create a Photoshop blueprint, and covert that sketch into the website.

Magento theme development features

The design process includes creating Magento themes. We also discuss what extra features you desire. Plus, we take a look at the development of custom Ajax/jQuery elements and speed theme optimization features. 

The result of our PSD to Magento Conversion Service is a quality e-commerce website built to meet your customers’ needs.

PSD to Magento Conversion Service 1

The main features of our PSD to Magento service include:

1. Pixel perfect design conversion and development

We design pixel perfect themes, creating an attractive  well-designed website. Your e-commerce store will not look like a mom-and-pop amateur site. Potential customers that land on your sales page will trust that your company is professional and trustworthy.

2. Cross browser compatibility testing

To attract more customers, your website should be compatible with different browsers. Our themes are compatible with browsers the following browser:

  • Apple
  • Safari
  • Mozilla/Firefox
  • Microsoft Explorer
  • Opera
  • Google Chrome

In our tests we use native platforms such as Native Safari and Apple. We test both mobile and desktop versions.

3. W3C validation

Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) validation is a vital part of ensuring the technical quality of your site. We carry out W3C validation to make sure your website code is up to current standards. If this step is skipped, often a website suffers from poor formatting and readability issues. Eliminating errors in code also improves search engine ranking.

4. Extension-ready and upgrade-ready Magento theme development

Our themes are designed with future upgrades and renovations in mind. When and if you decide to add something to your site, you don’t have to redesign the entire website — saving future expense.

5. Follow Magento SEO and Semantic standards

We follow semantic standards for your website to easily rank when carrying out proven SEO strategies. We integrate Google rich snippets ( among other tools for SEO ranking.

6. Speed optimization

We use the latest technology when building themes so that your website loads faster. We do the following to decrease load time and conserve your server resources load.

  • JS/CSS optimization
  • Sprites technology
  • Graphics optimization

We stay informed about improvements in website technology and adjust our services accordingly.

7. Mobile theme development

We live in the mobile era. The themes we design are mobile friendly so you don’t lose mobile customers.

8. Responsive theme development

We also develop Magento themes which represent your brand on different devices.  Your e-commerce store on will be available on desktop,  tablets, iPads, iPhone and Android mobile gadgets.

Fill out our online contact form so we can get started on your Magento theme designed store that best suits your e-commerce needs.