Migrating to Magento with Zero Hassle

Due to its architecture and capabilities, Magento Enterprise is a platform that many choose to run their online stores. Often that choice involves the switch from a legacy shopping cart structure. The Magento system continuously evolves to provide users with new features that make the system more efficient and easier to use.

Get the right people for the job

Before you begin to think of migrating your e-commerce store from one system to another, it is crucial that you find a company that is well versed in the whole migration procedure. You want somebody who will handle the entire project: the transfer of all your products and customer data, design, custom features, etc.

Migrating to Magento with Zero Hassle You don’t have to lose any data while migrating

A community of developers has worked to position Magento as top-of-the-line software with all the features that are ideal for the current e-commerce market.  As such, transferring over to the platform should be a smooth process.  Our expertise covers migration from: Prestashop, Volusion, Opencart, Virtuemat, and X-Cart. 

Migration services for your data

Our service offers excellent migration for both Magento Enterprise and Magento Community. Once we complete the project, you will notice that you have kept:

  • The structure of your SEO URLs
  • Reward points
  • Content pages
  • Entire order history
  • Customer information
  • Design transfer services

Our developers know the Magento platform inside and out,  so they are more than capable of taking care of your design transfer. On top of this, we can also help develop your design into something more appealing on a professional and user-friendly level.

We carry out functionality transfers

If your previous e-commerce store had some personalized aspects that were key to its function, then we have you covered. Our team of developers can enable these functionalities for Magento, as well as offer recommendations on what works best.

Migrating to Magento Enterprise

Magento enterprise is ahead of its peers when it comes to a superior e-commerce system. We can help you migrate from Magento Go, Professional, or Community to Magento Enterprise.

When you feel like you are ready for the migration to the Magento platform, contact us here at Webmaster for Hire. We will be glad to help.