Magento Upgrades from Webmaster for Hire

To ensure peak performance, Magento continually upgrades its software.  We help our Magento clients keep on top of those software updates. We can be relied on for many reasons, one of which is that we take pride in our work and are not just here for overall upgrades and development.We also offer  support services like: publications, warranty upgrades and more.

magentoMagento is a great system that is unmatched due to the unique characteristics it offers. It is a highly modular system and in most instances, its core upgrades are usually semi-automatic. That said, each Magento store is different due to customized features, design themes, third party modules and so on. These variables can each be affected by upgrades and need to be monitored. When we are involved in the maintenance of Magento upgrades, we make sure that the upgrade doesn’t impact the store adversely.

Besides this, at Webmaster for Hire we offer a 6 month warranty for our services in all our upgrade projects.  We do this because we have total confidence in the work we deliver. During this period, we provide cover for any Magento upgrade related issue, including fixing any security patches which might have been encountered.

At Webmaster for Hire, we focus on quality testing during any Magento upgrade task. This helps to provide effective ways through any possible future technical issue. All our Magento upgrades also focus on dealing with security patches, fixing bugs, and ensuring that the system we are working on has improved stability, superb speed performance, and code optimization — as well as improvements which will lead to better service delivery.  The prices we charge for our Magento upgrades are affordable and the service we provide is completed on time.

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