Magento Technical Audit

Just like our cars, websites need regular maintenance to ensure they run properly.

That’s why Webmaster for Hire will run regular assessments on your Magento platform. These quality control audits help you target potential technical issues. We will also help you fix them, enabling you to grow your business and eliminate obstacles to growth. 

Although the platform may seem to work perfectly, there might be some hidden issues that bring down your website’s speed, efficiency and reliability. Our team at Webmaster for Hire will help you identify what doesn’t work and fix it for you. 

Our Magento Technical Audit will give you an in-depth analysis, including:

  • a comprehensive summary of findings and top priorities
  • an explanation of errors and issues
  • a list with the top priorities and what needs to be changed
  • possible 3rd party extensions, add-ons and scripts to help your Magento core system
  • a database integrity report
  • a code report
  • a thorough performance and reliability analysis

Our team at Webmaster for Hire do not use automated software. In fact, we guarantee that we will perform the technical audit based on your specific needs and business model.

Contact our team now to learn more about the technical audit.