Magento Hosting and the Magento e-Commerce Platform

Magento hosting provides a user-friendly e-commerce space for the online shopper. With Magento hosting you get all the marketing tools, SEO and catalog management services you need. Its highly sophisticated administrative system provides a good interface for users. Plus, Magento provides you with 24 hour accessibility to your online stores.

Reliable Hosting

If you have to invest in co-location hosting, be sure your provider allows your potential customers to do online shopping 24/7. Your availability is an important factor in the success of your venture. Customers rely on being able to shop anytime, anywhere. With fast and reliable downloads, you have the assurance that your store will never be down. When your site is  working in real time, it means more profit for you. A sophisticated software system, hardware and highly-qualified hosting experts are the keys for providing the great service that your clients expect.

User-Friendly Shopping Environment

One good feature of Magento hosting is the environment it creates for your site. Merchants and shoppers enjoy the improved cart experience. The open cart system, ease of use, and overall professional look and feel, give your customers the confidence to buy. As signing up can be a discouragement to some customers, Magento hosting allows the customer to check out as a guest. Purchasing is a breeze, even with many transactions in a single order. Unlimited webpages allow you to upload more information that help your clients make informed decisions. With a better shopping environment, you can boost your income in just a few days after subscribing to Magento hosting.

The different components that make Magento user-friendly:

  • Order editing
  • Multi-currency support
  • Comparison of products
  • Guest checkout
  • Free shipping option
  • Easy search options
  • Manifold images per product

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