Magento Website Design

Magento Website Design 1

Webmaster for Hire offers custom Magento website design and maintenance services. Our qualified designers seamlessly add your Magento storefront into the framework of your site. This provides visitors a unified easy to use brand experience.

Magento Website Design

Web design is all about making selections between features. There is also a bit of strategy involved. What arrangements and features have proven to convert visitors into customers? The decisions we make when designing a Magento site are based on two criteria: 

  • the many years of e-commerce experience we have
  • the specific needs of your business.

A single size will not fit all. What makes up the ideal Magento design varies based on your particular aims and your target audience. Each demographic has specific preferences and habits when it comes to shopping online. We take all this into account during the design phase.

We understand what functions work best. We’ve been building and designing highly effective Magento sites since its launch. We also have years of knowledge in web design, search engine optimization and web analytics. We bring this to work with every e-commerce project. Our goal is always to optimize function, increase sales and speed, and improve user-experience.

Magento is robust and offers a great deal to online stores. We sift through the mountain of features Magento offers and choose the ones that will serve you best, based on a comprehensive consultation on what you need.

Magento Development

We’ve got you protected well beyond the Magento installation.  Our qualified designers shape Magento to your company by leveraging the strong commerce platform and producing extensions which are customized to meet your business goals.

Examples of custom development include:

  • Automated follow-up emails
  • Custom store locators
  • Reward points
  • Monthly automated club shipments
  • Recommended items algorithms
  • Custom data exports

Magento is the fastest e-commerce platform worldwide. Cutting edge characteristics make Magento the primary choice for many online stores.

Contact us to see how we can get Magento working for you.