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Internet Security News for September 9, 2019 – Tech Giants Battle Over Security Flaws

Two Giants battle over security flaws. School delays opening to protect students’ computers. 2020 Elections Ohio joins two states to monitor security. Religious site builder company has second data breach. Bitcoin Blockchain hijacked. Website Security Services – Your Business & Your Visitors Almost every week,…

Internet Security News

Internet Security News for August 19, 2019 (Hacks, Antivirius Software with Vulnerabilities, Warnings to Update These Items with Security Issues, and a Synagogue hit with Ransomware)

Internet Security & Privacy Should Be Your Website’s Priority If you own a business, you know that in today’s markets you must have a website. There’s no getting around it. However, there comes responsibility with having that website. You’re responsible to keep your visitors and…

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Website Security (Rise in Cyberattacks, Facebook Malware, WordPress Plugin Security, YouTube and White Hat Hacking Channel, First Hacked and now $230Mil Fined for Data Breach)

Website Security is a Must We, at Webmaster For Hire, have been talking for a few years now to our clients about the importance of having their business websites signed up our security monitoring services. Our message to them and to you, dear reader, is…