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Website Design & Internet Marketing Still Offers the Highest Return

Webmaster For Hire, LLC offers the next generation of internet marketing building a symbiotic relationship between SEO, website design, hosting – and sales. Since 2001, we’ve created an internet platform for international, national, and local clients.

There are several practices in the website design and SEO industries that we work diligently to achieve:

  • We work our best to improve the quality of the keywords your website ranks for. We will not work on keywords that have no traffic, and no buyers.
  • Our team works to make sure your website and internet marketing campaigns are compliant with today’s technology, and new devices and technology in development.
  • Our team will help define your company goals and give you the tools needed to help your business generate income. Marketing without Revenue is a waste of time and resources.
  • Our team is charged with creating results and offers ‘proof of work.’ We also focus efforts to target the visitors, reputation marketing, sales, and leads that your company needs.


Since 2001, we have learned that our clients do not always know all the tools available. We know that there is too much for you to do running your business to do market research, or understand all the internet has to offer.

We offer to:

  • Offer unique solutions tailored to fit your needs
  • Give customer service that goes beyond sales and ‘putting out fires’ but includes coaching to help customers use the tools we build effectively.
  • Deliver on-time ranking reports
  • Provide transforming research into insights and insights into strategies
  • Work diligently to increase leads and sales
  • Will increase your Google Ranking, traffic, Google Authority
  • Attract customers – engage customers – keep customers returning
  • Build a brand that includes going beyond reputation management
  • Optimize your budget – get the most for your money
  • Create dual purpose content that is not only optimized, but also engages and represents you and your image.
  • Will expanded marketing reach – find markets you never knew existed


ebeth1Creating her own company was not a lifeline built out of desperation for Beth Varian. She is not the typical internet business owner who had zero options for income. For Beth, it was the next stage of her career. She drew on her experience as the Vice President of Web Development at All Video Network and at CBS SportsLine.com, 1997, as senior producer and in marketing to create a team of professionals with a single, customer-focused goal.

Internet Marketing needs to solve problems for business owners, not create more problems. The Webmaster For Hire’s team has the single focus to create website platforms that are easy for new business owners to manage and are optimized so that they rank for keywords used by prospective clients, patients and customers.

Beth Varian does not just build websites. She and her team build internet marketing platforms that can manage a variety of tasks for her clients. They focus on reputation marketing, SEO, SEM, sales aids, and marketing research tools. Each of these tools are used by successful businesses to grow and promote.



Choosing the right team of professionals, then empowering them to do what they do best – is the secret to our high customer service. Hiring only professionals who have proven their skills over time is only half of the equation. Ethical business management starts with continual training, coaching, and ensuring the team has the right tools to do the job.

The number of today’s SEO firms who still do not invest in the top software needed to research and benchmark performance is inexcusable.  Internet marketing is a combination of psychology and mathematics, human behavior and programming. With only 3% of all websites reaching the top SERPS (search engine results page) there is no excuse for guessing, following a ‘pattern’ or measuring performance on an excel sheet.


Our team of highly knowledgeable programmers use current technology to build more than pretty sites. We build with marketing and future site growth and needs in mind. Our programmers work with our SEO team as our sites are being developed to insure that not only you like the site but your prospects can find it once it goes live.

Our development team builds “responsive websites” that can be viewed by your visitors in the technology platform (laptop, desktop, tablets, smartphones and even the future Google Glass) they are using to search.


Elizabeth, Thank you so much for your professionalism and making it so easy to do business with you. I wish we had known you earlier, prior to even putting up our website. I’m sure it would have gone much easier and quicker. I appreciate the thoroughness and good advice that you have offered us in doing our website re-design and upgrades.

I especially appreciate the ‘let’s just dive in and get it done’ attitude no matter what design/web problem we present to you. We are constantly and pleasantly surprised with the efficiency and care that you put into taking care of your clients. I know it’s made all of the difference to us! I wish all of our vendors were like that. Like everyone else, we have a little slowdown here, being a non-profit organization. However, we hope to do more business with you as we build out our website and add functionality.”

– Christine Norell, Communications Coordinator


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