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Usability Audit Services for Magento Give Your Store a New Look and Feel

To keep the customer coming back, your online store should be accessible. Their experience should be pleasant. Products should be highlighted in a way that sells. The buying process should be simple. If the store gives users a hard time, they will drop whatever brought them to you and leave.

magnifying-glass-data-analysis_23-2147501894Our Usability Audit Service will help you evaluate your store’s performance in regards to the customer experience. The audit is based on a benchmark for best e-commerce practices.

Things you can expect from our audit

Webmaster for Hire gives you a thorough analysis that you can use to gauge the usability of your store. This involves:

  • an extensive explanation of the audit results
  • an analysis of micro interactions
  • an analysis of the store’s user friendliness
  • a summary of our findings
  • suggestions for practical and simple solutions

What makes us a different company from the rest?

All our audits are hand-made. We steer clear of automation software which may at times be unreliable.  Audits are unique to each client. Our goal is to identify usability problems and create tailor-made solutions for your unique business.

Our forte is building online stores that thrive using Magento Community and Magento Enterprise platforms. If you already have a store up and running, allow us to improve its performance and maximize sales. If you would like to have a Usability Audit done, contact us and we will be glad to assist you.